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As a multifaceted artist, I've learned to listen, observe and carefully analyze the needs of my community in order to propose and design a work plan that serves each project.

In my work producing high-profile events, developing curricula, leading theater classes and coordinating theatrical performances, I have been responsible for managing budgets, tracking and reporting finances, and processing accounting records, payments and deposits with fiscal responsibility. 

In each one of my artistic disciplines, my main focus is on deep study and research before beginning to create. Everything I do is done out of passion, with structure, organization and dedication to the positive transformation of society. I am an effective team player, open to feedback, who believes in solidarity, motivation and a positive attitude.

Cultural Engagement

Cultural Development Manager

From 2019 to 2021 I was in charge of leadership and community outreach for the Municipality of Toa Baja in Puerto Rico, serving a community of over 76,000 residents spread among 5 major communities.  One of my major contributions was the development of arts clubs in each community and cultural carnivals within schools.

Cultural affairs Puerto Rico

Jóvenes Sobre las Tablas

Co-Producer, Artistic Director and Teacher

This youth program started in 2010, becoming one of the major projects to promote cultural education through the arts in schools around Puerto Rico. Our kids learned skills directly linked to the production of theater, filming, tv, and radio. The program allowed them to explore various career paths within the arts industry.

Jovenes sobre las tablas

En Cartelera, Inc.

Founder and Producer

For 5 years we supported the development of the performing arts in Puerto Rico through educational workshops and plays for children and adults in partnership with established educational NGOs and other local organizations.

En cartelera puerto rico

Teatro Escolar Puerto Rico 

Founder, Producer and Sales Manager

Founded in 2010, we created a digital platform that served as a POS for educational plays for institutions, teachers and students. We provide teachers with innovative alternatives for teaching and learning through entertainment, offering alternatives for young people to attend theater performances or bring the theater to their schools.  

Teatro escolar puerto rico

Cuarzo Blanco, Inc.

Artist and Production Coordinator

Since 2014, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Theater Director Adriana Pantoja as a multidisciplinary artist and performer for her plays and film productions. Our projects include plays for adult audiences, covering current social problems, as well as plays for children portraying subjects that educate them on values, discuss social issues and enrich their reading and learning process.​

Buckle Up cuarzo blanco

DJ Pocket

DJ and Music Producer

Since 2006, I have been working on a proposal that involves multidisciplinary performances mixing electronic music with African, Latin and Caribbean rhythms. DJ Pocket is an extravagant masked character who invites guests to fun and mystical music presentations that combine theater, dance and visual arts.

DJ Pocket
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