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2023 - Present

English Language Arts & Social Studies, Bilingual Teacher

Newark Board of Education, Elliott Street School, New Jersey

Integrated English Language Arts, social studies, and 21st century Life and Careers educator. Providing students the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to become active, informed citizens and contributing members of local, state, national,
and global communities in the digital age. 

  • Guide students through the fundamental concepts about reading, writing, speaking, listening, language, government, citizenship, geography, economics, technology and innovation, culture and perspectives, and history. 

  • Provide learners with tools for critical and systematical thinking.

  • Support in career awareness, democratic values, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship.

  • Explore cultural innovation and it's impact in everyday life situations, career, and financial choices.

2021 - 2023

Theater Teacher

Puerto Rico Department of Education

Creative arts teacher with advanced organizational skills, effective communication and planning processes aligned with the official curriculum (standards and expectations). 

  • Effectively implemented technology, assessment techniques, tests, exams and application of STEAM.

  • Developed classes based on activities, projects and theatrical games where the students discover and reinforce their skills and abilities. 

  • Introduced innovative techniques to foster participation, motivation, leadership, respect, tolerance and empathy, providing a safe and structured learning environment.

  • Incorporated accommodations to meet the individual needs of special education and gifted students, Spanish language learners and immigrants. 

2019 - 2021

Cultural Affairs Department Manager

Toa Baja Municipality, Government of Puerto Rico

Managed the department’s inventory, budget and employees. Attended government meetings and conventions to represent the mayor, secure donations, create collaborative agreements with public and private institutions, maintain effective communication with communities and work with school directors and other local or international governmental agencies.

  • Facilitated processes for NGOs in the development of spaces, groups and associations that support individuals through arts and culture. 

  • Wrote proposals for educational workshops focused on the mental health of underserved communities.

  • Led preservation initiatives for historical sites throughout the municipality in partnership with other conservation agencies.



Jóvenes Sobre las Tablas

Summer Camp

Produced yearly summer camp aimed at children and youth to learn about creative disciplines such as theater, cinema, radio and television. Focused on logistics, strategy, coordination, production, finance and budget management, administration and time management, and served as staff supervisor, promotional material designer and activities developer. 

  • Responsible for coordinating daily meal catering for students and staff, ensuring that safety and hygiene standards were met. 

  • Served as director for the artistic and creative aspects of ​​the project. Taught the shadow puppets, masks and street theater workshops.


Founder and Producer

En Cartelera, Inc.

Founded to support the development of the performing arts in Puerto Rico through educational workshops and plays for children and adults. Administered the budget, coordinated permits and utilities and established educational partnerships with NGOs to produce art events. 

  • Designed and managed marketing and advertising campaigns across print and social media. Evaluated resumes and proposals from candidates. 

  • Processed invoices and tax returns. Planned and executed touring schedules, locations, catering, and equipment rentals.

  • Coordinated production crews, sponsors and fellow actors to deliver high-quality performances.


Theater Teacher

School of Performing Arts of Bayamon Municipality

Curriculum developer and instructor of drama courses for K-12, college and adult students. Taught a variety of courses including acting, masks, puppets, theater styles, production and stage management. 

  • Developed arts-related activities and plays to showcase achievements, including other departments of the school. 

  • Created projects and cultural exchanges with other schools in the country.


Production Coordinator

Drama Workshop of WIPR Radio, Corporación de PR para la Difusión Pública

Assistant for 5 radio producers. Coordinated of 3 live radio programs and other recorded shows such as comedies, radio soap operas, educational capsules and documentaries. 

  • Managed logistics, strategy, organization of scripts, calls of actors and technical staff. 

  • Coordinated performances in shopping centers with renowned local artists.



C.E. Bilingual Bicultural Education, Code 1480, #ID 01691695

New Jersey Department of Education 


Fine Arts Teacher K-12 Certification, Theater (CE-R #01617022)

New Jersey Department of Education 


Fine Arts Teacher K-12 Certification, Theater

Puerto Rico Department of Education 


Creation of Solidarity Groups Certification

Cooperative Institute, Research and Development Program, University of Puerto Rico


BA in Secondary Education, Theater

University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR

Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial mindset

Bilingual performance artist

Teamwork & collaboration

Detail-oriented and organized


Spanish (native)

English (proficient)

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